StartFromWhereYouAre TV

This website will tell you everything you want to know about the TV show Start From Where You Are.

It will list upcoming network additions as well as upcoming episodes and guests.

On our website you can find information about how to contact our guests.

Start From Where You Are TV

Start From Where You Are invites guests who have overcome adversity to talk to the viewers about how they achieved success. Success in business, health and all aspects of life are celebrated on Start From Where You Are.


Start From Where You Are hosts several kinds of guests. Some guests include suicide attempt survivors, immigrants looking for the american dream and rape victims. Information about the guests can be found under the 'Episodes' tab.

Where to watch

The show is scheduled to be aired on the Telos Digital Network which is expanding it's reach across the country over the upcoming months. Some episodes will become available on our site under the 'Episodes' tab.

What if I don't have Telos yet?

You can still watch on the Telos Digital Network's website:

Shortly after an episode is aired on Telos it may become available to watch on our website under the 'Episodes' tab.


Stay tuned for more about Start From Where You Are TV.